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Enhanced Maintenance Servicing

We at MINTech strongly disagree with the ultra-extended service intervals which many of the European car manufacturers have introduced in recent years. These excessive intervals are, in our opinion, much too long and we believe are the cause of many issues and ailments which these cars are developing after a few years of operation.

As a result, we have developed our own service schedules based on our experience and knowledge in servicing these cars over the past 25 years.

These optional service schedules are designed to enhance the standard handbook schedule to improve the reliability and longevity, including the resale value, of your MINI.

In addition to the manufacturer’s service schedules, we recommend:

  • Oil and filter changes half way between the scheduled service intervals
  • Transmission oil and filter changes every 100,000 kms
  • Injection flushes every 40,000 kms
enhanced maintenance servicing