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MINTech History

The owner, Joe Brogno began his apprenticeship and career on BMWs when he was 16 years of age, working at a local BMW dealership. After many years of service with that company, Joe achieved the status of Senior Registered Technician. Being in that position for two years, Joe dealt with many customers in the service reception area. He discovered many flaws in the company’s attitude to service and customer care. Frustrated with the lack of customer service and quality which the dealership offered, Joe left the company with the idea to start his own business to prove that offering quality service and workmanship at a fair price is all that people want.

BMTech began in 1987 from his father's back yard garage working on BMWs. Two years later, the business was becoming a little too busy, so on the 27th of November 1989, he took the step to rent a workshop in the Melbourne suburb of Box Hill. Being in Box Hill for fourteen years, the business grew very large and by that stage was employing around twelve people.

In 2003, BMTech moved to its current location on Canterbury Road, Canterbury. This was a big and bold move which was necessary to cater for the large number of customers. The Canterbury Branch was designed to mimic a modern dealership. It was state-of-the-art and designed for efficiency. The large workshop was a good size to accommodate future growth. Today, BMTech Canterbury employs 20 people and has over 5000 regular customers.

In August 2004, BM Tech began working on the new Mini Cooper brand from BMW. The new business name for this part of the business was Mintech. This was a huge leap for the company because it was a departure from working solely on one vehicle, however because Mini was owned by BMW, we felt it was only natural to expand to the new marque.

In 2009, BMTech and Mintech expanded the business and opened another branch in the North-Western suburbs of Melbourne. BMTech Essendon and Mintech Essendon began trading on October 13 2009. This region of Melbourne surprisingly lacked BMW and Mini only specialists to service the vast number of these brands in the area. The Essendon Branch was a real hit with the locals, and it continues to grow rapidly.

MINTech has two locations!