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M-PROTEKT Vehicle Trackers

We have all heard about the growing trend of car jackings and violent home invasions where thieves are breaking into homes and taking the keys to steal your car

Get a BM Tech Vehicle Tracker  Get a BM Tech Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle trackers are a great way track your vehicle if it has been stolen or even if you just need to know your employees’ or family member’s whereabouts.

The M-PROTEKT Tracker is a unique product which will easily locate your vehicle. This is how it works:

  • Car is fitted with a concealed monitoring device
  • Satellites and the GSM network monitors and records data
  • Data is sent to your mobile phone

This simple tracking device has a global SIM card installed which enables it to use the telephone GSM network without the need to be linked to any phone network provider, making it simple to setup. The tracking and location is accessed via a phone app downloaded for free on either the Apple Store or Google Play.

Many insurance companies may even discount your premiums once they know your vehicle has the M-PROTEKT tracker installed.

Protect your family, your investment and your wallet.

BM Tech can supply and Install two versions of the M-PROTEKT Tracker:

Key features:

  • No ongoing contracts
  • Impact alert
  • Geolock alert
  • Tilt/shock alert
  • Power alert
  • Location on demand
  • 3 year warranty
  • 100 free location credits
  • Free smartphone app access
  • 24/7 response centre assistance

Key features:

  • Low cost solution to access live tracking
  • Pull driver and history reports anytime, date and time specific
  • 12 / 14 / 36 month options
  • Create better work efficiency
  • Save on fuel costs
  • 3 year warranty
  • Web and smartphone application access (uncapped)
  • All data can be exported & edited via MS Excel
  • Service intervals alerts can be set for engine hours, mileage, insurance and registration
  • Create live alerts specific to each vehicle to save you time and constant monitory
  • All alerts can be customised per vehicle and for a specific date and time
  • Live alerts sent via email to one or multiple recipients for:
    • High speed
    • Battery disconnection
    • Battery volt drop
    • Ignition on/off
    • Geofence in/out (time delay)

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